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Q: Do I purchase Insurance or Registration First?
A: Your insurance is always first. You will require proof of insurance to register your vehicle.

Q: What is the minimum required insurance in Alberta?
A: $200,000 Liability is the absolute minimum you can purchase. $1,000,000 will always be recommended. Many insurance companies will not sell less then $1,000,000 liability coverage.

Q: If I live in another province can I purchase my insurance through Alberta?
A: If you are a student away at school but Alberta is still where you technically reside you can continue with your Alberta insurance. If you are moving to another province to live permanently you must purchase insurance from that province.

Q: How long do I have to switch my insurance if I leave Alberta and move to another province?
A: Most companies will cover you for 30 days after you move. Insurance should be obtained as soon as possible in the province you are residing in. Before moving to another province you should make sure you have a current abstract and claims experience letter.

Q: Where do I get a drivers abstract?
A: Any Registry office can give you a drivers abstract, however there is a cost for this.

Q: How old does a vehicle have to be before I will need a vehicle inspection?
A: Any vehicle 10 yrs or older will require an inspection on a government approved form.

Q: How long before my monthly payment do I have to change my banking info?
A: Any changes that have to be made to your payment schedule must be done 10 working days before the withdrawal date.

Q: When I move from one place to another are my contents insured while in transit?
A: Yes your habitational insurance policy will cover your belongings while in transit from one location to another.

Q: Does my habitational insurance only cover my belongings while they are in my Home?
A: In a comprehensive package policy your belongings are covered anywhere in the World. However they are subject to your policy deductible.
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